Bit analysis in June 24th

2018-06-26 14:14:28source:depth186

The first resistance level is US $6000, and there

BTC rose 1.81% yesterday, closing at $6151 below the 5 day moving average. Yesterday's rally was just for today's better fall. At noon, the market fell down at 6000 US dollar integral levels, the market sentiment panic, no signs of bottoming, the short line fluctuations, investors can not blindly copy the bottom, the first resistance level of $6000, there is only a theoretical support of 5800 US dollars, market or here and again after repeated turbulence down the bottom.

BCH midday trading volume fell today, breakdown of 750 dollars, 700 dollars two large integer levels, panic breath, at present in the process of repeated concussion in the bottom of the process, in view of large fluctuations, investors do not recommend a blind position.

ETH is the same as other mainstream currencies. This afternoon accelerated dive and broke the $450 integer barrier. The first resistance level above US $470 and the support level was US $400. At present, fluctuations are not allowed to be blindly searched. The market will continue to bottom down after repeated shocks.

EOS led the other mainstream digital currencies, the cumulative decline of 35% in the three trading days, and the panic was serious. According to the index analysis, EOS has no signs of bottoming. After repeated shocks, the market will quickly bottom down. In view of the large amplitude of EOS, investors should not blindly build positions.

author:比特易市场分析 edit:孔亮

  • BTC/ BTC
  • $6,500.90
  • ETH/ ETH
  • $230.53
  • XRP/ XRP
  • $0.53
  • BCH/ BCH
  • $536.96
  • LTC/ LTC
  • $60.14

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