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Now do not chat Fcoin are not the coin circle peop


The former coin an Zhao Changpeng micro-blog long text denounced the mining exchange, Ho Yi nuna money security will carry out "trading is the mining" model of the 1000 exchanges of the union, and then Bao second master applied to become a Fcoin community partner, and the users of Fcoin, who were registered with the invitation code of the second Lord, were given a two Lord coin. The exchange war is on the spot.

Today we have the opportunity to interview Mr. Bao, far in Canada, to share with us how he became a Fcoin community partner and how to look at the mining exchange.

The ABNews:FCoin exchange's dividend mechanism has recently grabbed the headlines of the currency market. It has become the most recently traded exchange. Where do you think the FCoin model wins? Is the model sustainable?

Bao II master: now do not chat Fcoin are not the coin circle people, Fcoin model is: quick decision, rapid rise, one station fame, the first world war will win, I believe that Fcoin will win the war in the shortest time. Although the team has only a few dozen people at the moment, it will soon reach hundreds of people, all of which are their own initiative, and Fcoin is involved and built together in the way of recruiting the community, very different from the traditional exchange. It is definitely not sustainable about whether this model is sustainable or not, and only one can be successful, it can't be replicated, and community exchanges have a great advantage.

ABNews: yesterday, you formally joined FCoin, and you have applied to become a partner; OK and coin have followed up, such as opening a win-win plan for the digital asset exchange, and releasing the digital asset exchange Alliance Plan. Please tell me about the origin of your Fcoin and what opportunities to make you a FT community partner. Can the rapid follow up of competitors speed up the rapid growth of Fcoin?

Bao II master: to join Fcoin to become a community partner, purely coincidental, pure fate, the intention is to look at the Fcoin group lurking learning is not to copy one, the result is attracted by the community mechanism of Fcoin, become a community partner, very bullish on the project. It will also question whether Fcoin is a fund or not, but after a deep experience, with a self-awareness upgrade, the value of the project is finally recognized, and it is hoped that Fcoin can quickly get to the 2000+ currency to increase and enrich the higher quality transactions and make the community a larger audience.

ABNews: how does Mr. Bao look at the excitement and reaction of Zhao Changpeng and ho Yi 6.21?

Mr. Bao: the reaction is better than no response. It shows that the ideal and ambitious coin an saw the value of Fcoin. It can also be seen that the two founders, Zhao Changpeng and he, worked very hard and continued to pay attention to the industry dynamics. Fcoin continues to develop, it is very likely to change the industry pattern in the near future. The voice of the community is that there is a lot of propaganda that the three big exchanges will be dried out in the future, but the real response is that the users want the industry to compete fully, so that these users will have less transaction fees, and about the 1000 exchanges alliance, it should be To play jokes, it is suggested that the coin an can change the strategy, invest in Fcoin tokens, become the major shareholders of Fcoin, and continue to participate in the dividend, so it is very good, do not want to come in and die who does not die in this industry. Personally, I think that Zhang Jian is like a bold, ambitious, capable, ambitious Sun Yuchen, and Zhang Jian is now rich, man, skilled, ambitious, and an ambitious man who is often undefeated.

ABNews: with the fierce competition, "trading is a mining" may be further upgraded, even from the Commission subsidy to the development of money subsidies, the second master Bao do not know what the new tricks behind Fcoin?

Bao second master: first to understand the so-called transaction on Fcoin return, is the user's real transaction process in the process of fees, 80% of the return to the Fcoin holders, 20% to the platform, at present, the Fcoin will be 100% to the owner of the Fcoin, the fee is a whole network transaction produced, after that is to hold the currency ratio An example is given to the holder of the Fcoin currency. At present, the big exchanges have their own platform currency, but they are not going to do so at the moment. On the one hand, the policy of securities countries does not allow such dividends. On the other hand, the loss of the large exchange income is huge. Fcoin is not so big at present. It is not necessary to do so. They want to block the growth of Fcoin. Support the new exchange. Fcoin can make use of the existing first mover advantage, quickly 1000+ -2000+ coins, users also rapidly expand to 500w+, the game is over.

ABNews: some people think that FCoin has become the biggest winner in the exchange field in the short term, and there will be more exchanges in the follow-up to follow up, but the traders move from the FCoin platform to the other platform, or will bear the loss because of the different dividend mechanism, so they do not want to change other platforms. Do you think there is still a first chance for the incoming exchanges?

Treasure two masters: the follow - in exchanges will definitely not have a chance to imitate Fcoin. Because the user is dug from the Fcoin side, this new platform is unable to occupy the user's thinking, I also squatted some imitator group, every day also is discussing Fcoin. I also suggested that some exchanges buy some Fcoin, and then do hedge exchanges. Later you will be a broker, Fcoin will do the big market, and be a low-cost hedge platform.

ABNews: unlike traditional Internet burning, the exchange reaping new users while earning profits. What do you think is the next stage of the exchange after burning money? Do you think there will be thousands of wars when the exchanges develop from the current self financing stage to the pure money subsidy?

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