ADA price analysis: ADA is testing key s

2018-06-06 16:05:20source:Bit news221

Main points:

The ADA price began to be revised after a breakthrough of $0.32.

On the ADA/USDT hourly chart, the upward trend line broke down and fell below 0.29 US dollars (data from Bittrex).

The price of ADA is now close to the key support level of US $0.27. Once it falls, the situation is worrying.

ADA prices fall

Previously, the ADA price broke through 0.3 US dollars and 0.32 US dollar resistance position once, which was as high as 0.3203 US dollars. Subsequently, the price began to be revised downward, falling below $0.3, below 0.29 US dollars and 100 hour mobile average.

In addition, on the ADA/USDT hourly chart, the upward trend line also showed a downward breakthrough, breaking below 0.29 US dollars. However, the correction was supported by $0.27 and a low of 02719 before the price stabilized. At present, ADA is trying to bounce back and retest the level of 38.2%Fib withdrawal (from $0.3203 to a low of $0.2719). However, the price also encountered important resistance - the front support bit 0.29 and the 100 hour moving average.

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