What kind of currency should we buy

There are thousands of digital currencies, and they are still increasing.

1. Mainstream currency: Generally speaking, all of these currencies support direct purchase with USDT. For example: BTC bitcoin, BCC bit cash, ETH Ethernet square, LTC Wright currency, DASH world currency, ETC ETC classic, XRP Rui coins, etc.

2, popular small currencies: Generally speaking, such currencies often only support BTC, ETH for exchange purchase, such as: CMT, AST, RCN and so on.

3, dead currencies: close to 0 of trading volume, that is, almost no one has bought or sold.

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A proposal for a new person:

1, the mainstream currency is suitable for new people to practise their hands, so we can accumulate experience first.

2, small currency trading volume is not large, it is recommended that after in-depth study of currency, and then consider whether to invest.

3. After having operational experience, do a good job of proportions.

4, if you think you are not a short-term player, we should consider long term fixed investment strategy.

5, maintain good money holding mentality

Fundamentals: how to analyze a currency

The basic bread of a currency contains many aspects, which can be considered from the following points of view, whether it is the currency of the money, or the value of the value of the currency.

1. Technical Prospects:

1.1. What problems have been solved by the project

1.2. Which part of the industrial chain is in the block chain?

1.3, what is the development goal and what industries will be subverted?

2. Technical strength:

2.1, whether we should proceed steadily according to the development plan of the white paper.

2.2. How to develop the iterative frequency

2.3. What is the background of team technology development members

3, landing operation:

3.1. Whether to promote the target market of landing is large enough

3.2. Is the way of spreading the white paper is reliable?

3.3. Competitor analysis, where is the core competitiveness of the project?

3.4. How is the name and spirit of the founder

4. The foundation of the masses:

4.1, the more the number of holding currencies, the more the number of users.

4.2, the more times the transaction, the better the liquidity.

4.3. Whether social media fans are active

4.4, ICO, when the project is raised, whether the project is engaged

5, miner support:

5.1, the higher the total power of the whole network, the greater the support for miners.

5.2, it is important to note that not all currencies support mining, for example, ECR20 based currencies based on ETH do not support mining.